Are you looking for a dependable, eco-conscious junk removal service in Las Vegas? Look no further than Eclipse Waste Management – the city’s leading name in eliminating unwanted clutter and waste with precision and responsibility.

What We Offer

Eclipse Waste Management is a leader in junk removal and demolition services in Las Vegas. Our team of experts handles all types of junk, from residential to commercial and construction debris, ensuring that your property is pristine and free from clutter. No task is too big or small for us – we come equipped to deal with all kinds of junk removal challenges.

Home Renovation Debris? No Problem! 

Home improvements are exciting but leave behind a pile of debris. Eclipse Waste Management is your trusted partner for residential renovation waste removal. Our efficient containers are just what you need to collect all types of renovation debris, and we ensure that it is disposed of responsibly, keeping our planet in mind.

Streamlined Commercial Waste Disposal 

A clean workspace is key to productivity and professionalism. We offer customized commercial waste disposal services to fit the unique needs of your business. From office paper to heavy industrial materials, our specialists efficiently manage your business waste, helping you craft a waste management strategy that’s both effective and economical.

Construction Debris Handled with Care 

The construction industry in Las Vegas produces significant waste production, which can be a threat to the environment if not managed properly. Eclipse Waste Management provides dedicated construction waste removal solutions. Our fleet of trucks and specialized containers are ready to collect and responsibly dispose of your construction waste, including heavy materials like concrete and steel.

Container Solutions for Every Need 

Our durable roll-off containers are the backbone of our junk removal services. Available in various sizes, they can accommodate the vast quantities of waste typical of large-scale projects. These sturdy containers are designed for easy placement and removal, ensuring a hassle-free process for our clients.

Convenient Dumpster Bags 

For smaller projects that don’t require a full-sized dumpster, we introduce our hassle-free dumpster bags. Ideal for minor renovations, yard clean-ups, or garage sorting – just fill them up, and we’ll take care of the disposal.

Transparent, Affordable Pricing 

Eclipse Waste Management believes in straightforward pricing. Rent one of our dumpsters at a flat rate, with a minimal additional charge for our loading services. This clear-cut approach means no surprises on your bill – you could save up to half the cost compared to volume-based pricing.

Why Choose Eclipse Waste Management?

We are not just a junk removal service; we are committed to protecting the environment in the Las Vegas area. Recycling and reducing landfill waste are at the heart of our operations. We continuously strive to offer environmentally friendly disposal options to our clients.

Expect nothing less than the best customer service, with a team ready to address your concerns at any stage of the waste removal process. Our crew is thoroughly trained, bringing unmatched professionalism and efficiency to every job. 

Eclipse Waste Management is your go-to for all things junk removal in Las Vegas. Our wide array of services is designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, always with a commitment to protecting the environment and providing exceptional service.

Ready to Help 

For further details or to schedule our services, contact us today. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to answer your queries and guide you through the process. We are determined to offer the finest junk removal and demolition services in Las Vegas, helping you to keep your space clean and serene. Connect with us and experience why countless customers trust Eclipse Waste Management for their junk removal needs. Embrace a clutter-free environment with our leading services today!